Texas ECB Honors Program

four current ECB students

Electrical and Computer Engineering + Business

Why stop at just one degree?

The Texas Honors Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business program offers a dual degree that provides hands-on, project-based learning within two of the most in-demand fields in today’s marketplace. Today's strategic thinkers, visionary leaders, tech industry pioneers and innovative entrepreneurs around the world combine the industry savvy needed to be successful with strong management and organizational skills. At Texas ECB, we help students hone these skills, and much more, during their undergraduate education. 

We invite future Longhorns with a passion for technology and a drive for leadership to apply to our innovative new program: Texas ECB Honors. This program combines the interdisciplinary field of electrical and computer engineering with the problem-solving and organizational skills of a business major. 

Two majors. Four Years.

With two of the top ranked national undergraduate programs, students get the best of business and technology, graduating with two bachelors degrees in four years.  

During Honors ECE courses, students participate in hands-on labs and group projects, learning to solve complex engineering problems with real-world applications.   In small cohorts of 30-40, students master foundational ECE concepts, including circuits, linear algebra, MOSFET, and thinking about problems in the linear domain. 

In Canfield Business Honors courses, students learn the conceptual framework and specific tools for problem-solving in complex business environments.  With a human-centered and future-focused mindset, students take classes in management, innovation, finance, accounting, statistics, and decision sciences.

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