Texas ECB Honors Program

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Electrical and Computer Engineering + Business

What is Texas ECB?

The Texas Honors Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business program offers a dual degree that provides hands-on, project-based learning within two of the most in-demand fields in today’s marketplace. Challenging coursework will provide a solid understanding of both business and electrical and computer engineering (ECE), while simultaneously enabling students to earn bachelor's degrees in ECE honors and business honors more quickly than studying each discipline independently. Texas ECB students will have the unique opportunity to establish world-class skills from the outset of their academic journey by learning strong foundations in business, electrical, and computer engineering in honors-level courses starting their first semester.

Texas ECB offers enrolled students a like-minded community, placing them in a small cohort of honors-level peers savvy in both business and engineering. Throughout their four years on the Forty Acres students will focus on team based projects, culminating in a year-long capstone design project.

For the Aspiring Engineer and Tech-savvy Entrepreneur

Texas ECB provides unique opportunities for students interested in combining technical skills in electrical and computer engineering, business analytics, product management, and acquiring leadership skills to lead engineering companies into the future.

Two top-ranked programs, one exceptional dual-degree plan

The Texas McCombs Canfield Business Honors and Cockrell School’s Electrical and Computer Engineering programs are both widely recognized as ranking among the top ten programs in their respective fields nationally. Together, these exceptional programs form the foundation for Texas ECB. With access to outstanding faculty, staff, and alumni from the McCombs School of Business and Cockrell School of Engineering, Texas ECB students are guaranteed to learn from the best of both worlds.