Texas Honors Electrical and Computer Engineering & Business is an integrated degree program at The University of Texas at Austin that allows you to earn degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business in a shorter time. Texas ECB provides a world class education, countless opportunities and a tight-knit student community.

Application Instructions

To apply to Texas ECB, you must:

  1. Complete the requirements to apply for admission to UT Austin. Select Unspecified Business and ECE as your first and second choice majors (first choice major should be the one you are most interested in.)
  2. After you submit your application having listed Unspecified Business and ECE for admission to UT Austin, you will be able to access the honors essay prompts.
  3. Designate Texas ECB as one of your choices. Students must select a combination of Unspecified Business (McCombs School of Business) and ECE (Cockrell School of Engineering) for their major choices to be considered for Texas ECB. Students may also apply to either Canfield BHP or ECE Honors, depending on which major is their first choice. Students must select Unspecified Business as their first choice major to be reviewed for Canfield BHP in addition to Texas ECB.
  4. Once your application is complete, you will have access to your MyStatus page after ~24 hours. Use this page to upload your expanded resume.
  5. Submit a letter of recommendation from an academic source (teacher, professor, etc.). Please note that you must use the Document Upload System in MyStatus, which will email your recommender to submit their recommendation to us directly.

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