Texas ECB students receive a top-ranked education provided through two highly regarded programs, Texas McCombs Canfield Business Honors and Cockrell’s Texas Electrical and Computer Engineering, respectively. The curriculum comprises both Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business Honors classes, taken with 30-40 students.

Students will begin honors-level courses in their first semester with a strong foundation in business, electrical, and computer engineering. Special programming on entrepreneurship and experiential learning will give students the chance to turn concepts into action. Students will complete a program-specific capstone project during their last year based in ECE and Business, in conjunction with industry leaders, as their launchpad for the next step in their careers. Texas ECB is a phenomenal opportunity for students looking toward careers in electrical and computer engineering, and business.

Note: This sample schedule represents ONE possible arrangement. Common incoming, but not required for admission, credits: Microeconomics (ECO 304K), Macroeconomics (ECO 304L), Physics: Mechanics (PHY 303K/103M), Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (PHY 303L/103N), English Literature (E 316P), and U.S. Government (GOV 310L). If students do not have credits for these courses, summer coursework may be required to graduate in 4 years. Schedules will need to be adjusted based on catalog, course availability, as well as academic interests and incoming credits.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Freshman Year

  • Professional Dev. & Career Planning Honors (BA 101H)
  • Leadership and Innovation Honors (MAN 101H)
  • Introduction to Computing (ECE 306)
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering Honors (ECE 302H)
  • Differential and Integral Calculus (M 408C)
  • Business Communication (BA 324H)
  • Sequences, Series, and Multivariable Calculus (M 408D)
  • Signature Course (UGS 302/3)
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems Honors (ECE 319H)
  • Intro. to Information Technology Management Honors   (MIS 301H)
  • Introduction to Data Science Honors (STA 301H)

Sophomore Year

  • Honors Lyceum (BA 151H)
  • Financial Accounting Honors (ACC 311H)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Honors (MAN 337H)
  • Software Design and Implementation I Honors (ECE 312H)
  • Circuit Theory (ECE 411)
  • Differential Equations (M 427J)
  • Managerial Accounting Honors (ACC 312H)
  • Linear Systems and Signals (ECE 313)
  • Matrices and Matrix Calculations (M 340L)
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology Elective

Junior Year

  • Probability and Random Processes Honors (ECE 351H)
  • Advanced technical component (mathematics)
  • Advanced technical component requirement
  • Intro to Decision Science Honors (D S 235H)
  • Data Science for Business Applications Honors (STA 235H)
  • Operations Management Honors (O M 235H)
  • Advanced technical laboratory component requirement
  • Principles of Marketing Honors (MKT 337H)
  • Business Finance Honors (FIN 357H)
  • Organizational Behavior Honors (MAN 336H)
  • Issues and Policies in American Government (GOV 312L)

Senior Year

  • Introduction to Engineering Design or Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship (ECE 364D or ECE 363E)
  • U.S History (HIS 315K)
  • Advanced technical component elective
  • Advanced technical component elective
  • Internship Credit (B A 353 – summer course)
  • General Management and Strategy Honors (MAN 374H)
  • Honors Senior Design Project (ECE 464H)
  • Advanced technical component elective
  • Advanced technical component elective
  • U.S History (HIS 315L)